By Rafael Edwards
Effort is one of four categories in the system known as Laban Movement Analysis (LMA).  

Effort is the texture, color, emotions, and inner attitude that is expressed through movement.  It is often described as dynamics--the qualitative use of energy. 

Effort is both functional and expressive. Understanding the underlying functional aspect of Effort is extremely useful (for example: finding the Strength in a weight shift underneath a Light upper body). Usually, however, when describing one's "Effort Life" we are more concerned with the expressive aspect.

Effort is described through four Motion Factors with each Factor being a continuum between two polar Effort Elements (sometimes referred to as Qualities). There is an ongoing (Flow) sense of self (Weight) in relation to the environment (Space) over time (Time).

Effort usually happens in a combination of Factors.  When two Factors are apparent, it is described as a State.  When three Factors are apparent it is a Drive.  Drives are more intense and often serve as a "home base" for which more transitional States emerge and return. 

Effort Factors (with their polar Elements): 
Flow (Free and Bound)
Weight (Light and Strong)*
Space (Indirect and Direct)
Time (Sustained and Sudden/Quick).

Effort States
AwakeDreamRemoteRhythmMobile, and Stable.

Effort Drives
ActionPassionSpell, and Vision.
*Weight can be described as Active (Light or Strong), Passive (Limp or Heavy), or as a buoyant exchange between Active and Passive which is described as Weight Sensing.

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