Make a deposit today!


The LMA Effort Bank is a community project.  This means that for it to reach its potential, we need people like you to submit images, music suggestions, evocative images and descriptions, poetry, etc. to make this bank worth every penny!

Submission Requirements:

1. If a submission is your own original work, you agree to let put it on its site and be available for public use. (Don't worry, you'll get the credit, and we're happy to link it to your own site if you'd like.)

2. If a submission is not your own work, please make sure that it is either open for public use or that you have permission to use it.

3. In the "Submission Information/Comments" box, please include the author/artist's name (if known), the name of the work (if available), and the original url (website) if taken from another online source. 

4. If you need to send a file (in the case of original music or images), please email it.  Otherwise, leave required information and links in the comments box.

    Submission Form

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