Weight as a Factor is about sensing, intention, feeling my own weight, “me” oriented (me, myself, my physicality), presence, and my relationship to earth/gravity.

Weight Effort, like all Effort, is qualitative. It has nothing to do with how much one weighs. Rather, it is about the inner attitude toward's one's physical relationship with gravity.

When in motion, you can feel the weight of your body (think of swinging your arm and feeling the pull of gravity on it). We can change the way we move with that gravitational pull. We can "get behind it" by adding power, pushing, or pulling in way that creates a Strong attitude towards Weight. We can also try to overcome gravity, going for a sense of buoyancy or delicacy, creating a Light attitude towards Weight. These are considered Active approaches to Weight.

Weight can also be Passive--giving into gravity (either fully: Heavy - or partially: Limp). We can also describe Weight in terms of Weight Sensing, which is back and forth of active and passive weight, providing an underlying ability to "sense" the weight of one's body without fully activating it or giving in to gravity.

By JuditK

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